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RooR Pure Smoke Kulture

RooR takes everything we have come to expect from German engineering and puts that expertise into their highly sought-after pieces. Their team of experts hand make every piece and follow the highest standard of inspection to ensure their brand will always be synonymous with quality.


The Beginning of Something Great:

Martin Birzle is the man who started it all. In 1995 he started his dream by being the first to start a glass blowing center in Frankenthal, Germany. He didn’t just want to be another glass water pipe company; his goal was to create art within an industry that at the time focused on mass production. His philosophy was to create pieces that met the standard of highest quality and best functionality with individual and appealing design. His vision clearly caught on as his company spread its sales all around the globe. His philosophy became so popular it created its own RooR Kulture, and lead to the company becoming a four-time High Times Cup Winner!


RooR’s Glass Kulture:   

            In order to have a brand stay at the top of the list of quality producers it must have that philosophy in every aspect of the company. RooR’s moto is “Pure Smoke Kulture”, and they apply this to not only the design of their product but also in the purpose of their studios. Every facility under RooR’s control is held to the highest standards in cleanliness and functionality. Their glass is procured from the German company, SCHOTT, who is based in Dusseldorf, Germany. Schott glass is a type of borosilicate glass well known for their high level of durability in the scientific glass industry. For RooR whether it’s the glass they use or the artisans they hire, quality is their greatest concern.


Difference Between a Fake and Real RooR:

RooR has had issues with knockoffs in the past and in 2013, RooR was finally forced to take legal action against head shops selling fake RooRs. Today, RooR is very careful of who it does business with, and only companies that pass their rigorous tests for fraud and quality control may carry their products. We here at HighRollerSmoke are very proud to be among those select few who carry their phenomenal brand.

Here are some quick tips on how to spot a fake:

  1. The Logo.

The first and easiest way to spot a fake is the quality of the logo. A real RooR has a beautiful flush logo that is integrated into the piece. The logo will never cover the percolators or the ice catcher. The second R in the RooR logo will always face the other direction on a real RooR. A fake will normally have a cheap sticker logo.

  1. Ice Catcher

RooR’s ice catcher should always have three pinches that are extremely even. If there are more/less or they are uneven it is a fake.

  1. Glass Quality

A real RooR will have very clear glass that is smooth to the touch. If there are cracks anywhere in the piece, it is a fake. RooR inspects any pieces before leaving their facility and will trash anything less than perfect. A real RooR will have thick glass. This is an easy way to spot a fake. Companies producing knockoffs will try to save money by using a cheaper thinner glass. This will also affect the weight so if the pieces is very light it most likely isn’t real.

  1. RooR Registered

Of course, the most full proof way of discovering if the vendor is selling a fake is to simply ask RooR. They have a list of verified dealers, and if the company is not on it they are selling fakes.   


Difference Between RooR and RooR Tech:

            On your first look the only difference between RooR and RooR Tech is the logo, but after taking another look you realize RooR added the Tech line to differentiate between the old school simplistic pieces and their more complicated newer lines. They are both produced in the same facility and are held to the same rigorous quality standards. The easiest way to tell is if the water pipe contains a percolation system (other than a diffused down stem) then it is considered Tech, and all their dab rigs are a part of their Tech line of products as well.


RooR Customizations:

            RooR has the ability to create customizable pieces that allow anyone to have a truly unique pipe. First you can choose whether your custom piece will have any of the four basic add-ons; Bent Neck, Section Color, Flame Polished Logo, or Crown.

Examples found below:

After choosing to add one or all of those four upgrade options you select the specifics and color as shown below:

 We here at HighRollerSmoke will be happy to help create your custom piece. Just email over what you would like, and we will work with you to get all of the necessary information before placing the order from their manufacture. There will be a few weeks lead time based off of your requests, but having your own unique pieces is worth the wait!  


In Conclusion:

            RooR is and will always be a shining example of quality in the smoking industry. If you are looking to purchase a sturdy piece that will deliver smooth hits every time RooR is the way to go. Take a look at our inventory to pick out a piece today!


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