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Glassery of Terms

Can't remember what that style of perc is called? Having trouble deciphering what a word means? Visit the Glossary for a better understanding of the industry's lexicon.

Angle Cut Dome

An angle-cut dome is a specific type of dome that features an angled design rather than the standard circular dome. The angle cut is perfect for allowing easy smoking without the frustrating traditional dome.



This is your classic bong look. The bottom chamber is shaped after a scientific beaker straight out of chemistry class. The wider base usually allows for more smoke than your standard straight pipe.


Bent Neck

Bent neck designs effect the look and function of your piece. They are any piece that the neck does not continue straight from the chamber. It serves two functional purposes. One being that it creates a relaxed posture where angling your bong is not necessary. Two it acts as a splash guard, although not as completely as a built-in splash guard would.



A puck chamber acts as a circular base for support. Smoke is fed through the “puck” shaped base then filtered into the rest of the pipe. Normally the base acts as a solid piece that does not contain smoke.


Condenser Coil or Glycerin Coil

This refers to the removable chamber of a bong that can be placed in the freezer without damaging it. Once the coil is cold enough it can be placed back into the bong in order to cool down the smoke. This method simulates placing ice in the neck of a bong containing ice catchers but will not add to the water levels by melting like the ice would.


Deep Bowl

Deep bowls to allow for a large amount of dry herbs or tobacco to be packed at one time.


Dewar’s Joint

A Dewar’s joint is the thick bridge that connects two joints. Its purpose is to reinforce the strength of the joint, and to create additional support for the glass pipe.


Direct Inject

Direct inject refers to the stemless bong system. It is a direct injection of smoke from the bowl to the pipe.


Dome Splashguard

A dome splashguard is the domed piece of glass located in the neck of the piece that prevents water from splashing into your mouth.


Donut Splash Guard

A donut splashguard is a circular glass piece with a hole in the center that is usually located in the neck. This design makes sure water stays in the chamber, but still allows smoke to flow upwards through the neck.



The downstem is the straight tube inserted into a joint in the bong that connects the bowl and the pipe. A diffused downstem has slits or holes at the exit to further separate out the smoke through the water. It can be fixed or removable.



The downstem is the straight tube inserted into a joint in the bong that connects the bowl and the pipe. A fixed downstem is inseparable from the bong and cannot be removed.



The downstem is the straight tube inserted into a joint in the bong that connects the bowl and the pipe. A removable downstem can be taken out of the bong which allows for easier cleaning.



Describes the crystal rock like formation sometimes added to various parts of the piece.



American glass refers to the country in which it is made. Unlike china glass which is known for being mass produced and lesser quality American glass is usually handmade and very high quality. The American glass industry is very proud to be one of the very few to remain strictly in America. Every purchase of American glass supports jobs here at home.



Branded glass refers to a pipe that includes decals or a logo that verifies it is an official product of that brand.



Clear glass refers to a piece where color was not added to the glass, and it is of high enough quality to see through. This allows the user to see the water flow through the product as it percolates and bubbles.



Colored glass refers to a piece where color has been added to the glass to create an aesthetically pleasing and unique product.



Dichroic glass is glass which displays two different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions.



Heady glass means that the dab rig or water pipe is a limited-edition collector’s item. It features an intricate and unique design that mixes exquisite form with ultimate function. These pieces are truly functioning art and bring the industry back to its roots. These are usually created by an artist as a one of a kind piece.


Glass Opals

Glass opals are raised circles on the piece that hold a design or color. They also create a stronger area more resistant to damage.



Sandblasted glass refers to a piece that has raised frosted glass usually creating a design.



Scientific glass refers to the type of glass the piece is made of. It uses a borosilicate glass, sometimes referred to as boro, which is known for its amazing ability to absorb abnormal amounts of heat. Any scientific glass piece usually looks like it came out of a laboratory (Beakers, Straight Tubes, Etc.).


Glass-Slyme or Slime

Slyme glass is a specific type of colored glass that is highly sought after due to its unique and vibrant appearance. Slyme glass comes in multiple different colors including green, purple, and more.



Themed glass uses a specific theme, like a movie, to create a unique piece that collaborates the theme and smoking culture.



Thick glass simply has thick high-quality glass. The thick glass creates a more durable piece and separates a quality piece from one sold at your local smoke shop. Here at HighRollerSmoke you will only find pieces that contain high quality thick glass.



Unmarked glass simply refers to a piece with no logos or decals. This completely clean look allows an uninhibited view of the function of the pipe.


Ice Catcher or Ice Pinch

An ice catcher refers to the pinches in the neck of the water pipe that allows the user to place ice in the pipe. After the smoke is defused through the water it travels past the ice for a cooling effect.



A polished joint is a joint made from clear glass instead of the standard frosted glass you find on most joints.



The glass pipe features a joint at a 45-degree angle.



A 90-degree joint creates a right angle from the piece and can normally be found on a stemless pipe.



This joint is on the receiving end and requires a male bowl or nail to insert inside it.



This joint points out and requires a female bowl or nail to cover it.



A 10mm joint refers to the size of the hole and would require the downstem or bowl to match.



A 14mm joint refers to the size of the hole and would require the downstem or bowl to match.



A 18mm joint refers to the size of the hole and would require the downstem or bowl to match.


Maria Rings

Maria rings are circular protruding glass rings usually found on the neck or below the mouthpiece of a water pipe or dab rig.


Micro or Mini or Nano

Simply refers to the size of the piece. It is usually used to describe a piece identical to its larger counterpart but smaller.


Flared Mouthpiece

Flared mouthpieces have elevated glass around the mouthpiece which make it conform to your mouth creating an air tight seal.


Removable Mouthpiece

A removable mouthpiece allows you to change it out with another detachable mouthpiece and it also allows for much easier cleaning.



Barrel percolators are percs that are in the shape of a barrel. They create a smooth even diffusion with a nice draw.



A circ perc is a circular percolator that usually contains numerous rings with spacing between them. The rings are usually stacked and contain slits. Unlike the showerhead perc which comes down into a single circle.



This percolator is designed with a center that has multiple circle pieces branching out from it. Each of these circles has slits in the form of a cross.


Perc-Crystal Ball

Crystal ball percs are a circular perc with angled slits intertwining across it. It is shaped somewhat like a grenade and is one singular piece.



Disc percolators are circular percs which resemble a disc. Disc percs have slits around the outside for filtration and diffusion.



Dome percolators are shaped like a dome that sends the smoke to its bottom where slits release and defuse into water.


Perc-Donut or Halo

Donut percs are a circular perc that has a hole in the middle to provide extra filtering of the smoke and can double as a splash guard in certain pieces.


Perc-Fab Egg

Named after the Faberge egg, this perc has an egg shape with holes for percolation.



Honeycomb percs are a type of disc perc but they have a concentrated diffusion because they usually have at least 30 small holes through which the smoke must pass. These holes must remain large enough or the draw will be too forced.



Inline percolators are straight tubes consisting of slits or grids leading inside a perpendicular chamber.



Inset percs are contained inside the chamber of the water pipe and are an indented perc that create a pocket. They can sometimes be found doubled up with one inside of the other.


Perc-J Hook

A J-Hook perc is in the shape of an upside-down J. It usually connects to a different type of perc for a combination of filters.



A Jellyfish perc is similar to the sprinkler perc in that is operates like an old school sprinkler system and sends water splashing against the glass to create a beautiful effect, but it is in the shape of a jellyfish.



Matrix percs are a cylindrical chamber with vertical and horizontal slits or grooves that the smoke passes through.



Ratchet percs are a type of disc perc with holes only lining the perimeter of the disc instead of any in the center.



Reti percolators consist of one cylinder with slanted slits on the outside, and another cylinder wrapped around the first with slits slanted the other direction.



Showerhead percolators have a narrow vertical tube that the smoke travels up through then goes down into a widened round chamber at the bottom. The widened bottom is rounded out unlike the matrix perc.



A sprinkler perc is a dome with multiple tubes sticking out in all directions. It operates like an old school sprinkler system and sends water splashing against the glass to create a beautiful effect.



Stemline percs are a style of inline percolator that starts straight off the joint.


Perc-Stereo Matrix

Stereo matrix percs are two smaller matrix percolators stacked on top of each other. These can be misrepresented in some pieces, but they usually are directly connected to one another.



Swiss percs are a diffusion system using holes added to the pipe that do not create an area for air to enter the piece. The holes cause both the water and smoke to separate and reform and can usually be found on a disc in the piece but has expanded to other styles.



A tongue perc resembles a tongue and defuses through the slits on the top. Some artists even add a pink or red color to further resemble a tongue.



Tree percolators are one of the most used percs in the industry. This is a direct result of their outstanding performance. Some percs create too much drag and cause the piece to be difficult to hit, but this is not the case with tree percs. The tree perc is formed by several tubes with a hole on the bottom of each, and slits on the sides. The hole on the bottom is removed on some to force more smoke through the slits. The number of tubes in the tree per vary but usually have at least eight.



Turbine percs are a type of disc perc with angled slits around the outside. The angled slits create a spinning effect which both diffuses and cools the smoke while creating a stunning visual effect.



UFO percs have typically been another term for a style of showerhead percs, but we have an actual UFO perc in our Tsunami line of products that is shaped like a UFO spaceship.



Waffle percs are disc percs except they have holes rather than slits. Their name comes from its resemblance to a waffle fry.


Reclaim Catcher

Reclaim catchers are below the joint on some dab rigs to catch any excess concentrate for later use. It is a flat dish shape that can be heated independently once residue has been built up.



A Recycler is designed to create a loop causing the smoke to reenter chambers containing percs. This process allows the smoke to pass through percs multiple times increasing their effectiveness.



Sidecar designs feature a neck that branches off the chamber from the side. It acts as a slash guard to protect from water pulling through to your mouth.



The snorkel dab rig uses a pipe shaped like a snorkel as a reclaimer for the smoke rising from the extract that is normally wasted. The snorkel is located directly above the nail and pulls the rising smoke back into the piece.


Splash Guard

The splash guard is a device, usually a dome, set in the neck of the piece that stops water from passing through the mouth piece into the users mouth.


Stemless Pipe

A stemless pipe refers to the piece having no downstem. The bowl is inserted directly to a sidecar style pipe connected to the main chamber.


Straight Neck

Straight neck refers to the neck of the piece coming straight from the chamber with no bends.


Straight Tube

The name says it all. The pipe is designed to be straight from the mouthpiece to the base. Unlike the beaker, the bottom camber does not change in size from the neck.


Vaporizer-Balloon Bag

This vaporizer pumps all the vapor into a plastic bag that is detached once filled and inhaled from. It creates something easy to pass and enjoy with friends while delivering monster hits.


Vaporizer-Direct Draw

This vaporizer has a mouthpiece for a direct inhale. There is no disconnect with this style as the vapor flows direct from the machine to your mouth.



This vaporizer is usually a desktop machine with a tube attached called a whip. This whip is used to inhale the vapor and is easier to pass with your friends.



The old school style of interface. The machine usually has a button or dial for unspecific controls.



Digital brings vaporizers to the 21st century. Allow the machine to be controlled more specifically and shows the user exactly what the temperature and other settings are on a screen.



This simply refers to if the vaporizer is designed to sit on a desk at your house and would be more difficult to take with you.



This simply refers to if the vaporizer is designed to be portable unlike the desktop version.


Vape Pen

This vaporizer is designed to look like a pen. These are perfect for enjoying discrete portable concentrate. There are versions available for dry herbs, but most are very low quality.



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