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Widely known throughout the glass industry, Milkyway Glass are the masters of sandblasting, bringing the world thick and durable glass focused on aesthetic, function, and price. With a primary focus on artistic visuals, their overall mission is to bring eye-popping, heady pieces into the market at an affordable rate that doesn’t break the bank. With over a decade of experience in the glass game, the creators of Milkyway wanted to provide an innovative and detailed line of contemporary bongs, dab rigs, and other water pipes giving us that phenomenal feel we’ve all been searching for. The two co-founders Hemel Parmar and Nick Xu have found the perfect balance of stunning features and value.

 Milkyway Glass Colored Beakers - Telepathic, Empathetic, Bio Grid, Respire

Here at High Roller Smoke, we are massive fans of Milkyway Glass and its affiliates. We feel as though they provide a fantastic product that focusses on sturdy resilience and beautiful design in all the right places. All the bongs are at least 7mm thick in the neck and side walls with beefy 20mm thick bases to help your piece last. Huge elephant joints and superior welds assure that you won’t experience those common breaks and cracks that other imported manufacturers can have. A majority of shoppers and collectors appreciate a glass line that doesn’t cut corners on durability and we love that Milkyway provide pieces that stand the test of time.


The main attraction for Milkyway products is the sandblasting designs they offer. They feature insanely intricate geometric shapes and artistic landscapes that seemingly tells an entire story. From scenes of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash all the way to a secret femme samurai protecting her beautiful village show that Milkyway really has no limit to what they can blast onto a bong. They even have unbelievably complex circuit boards and honeycomb beehive styles that inspire the user’s imagination within the negative spaces of the glass itself. And as if that wasn’t good enough, Milkyway has expanded over the past couple years to really emphasize the collector’s ability to create full matching sets with each configuration. You can now fully customize your piece by pairing it with various downstems, ash catchers, and slides that all take on the same or different design depending on what you like. (See below)

 Milkyway Beehive Beaker with matching ash catcher and snapper slide setup

(Milkyway Bee Hive Beaker with matching Beehive Honeycomb downstem, Bee Hive Wet Showerhead Ash Catcher, and Bee Hive Jumbo Snapper Slide Bowl Set)

 Milkyway Teal Xmorphic beaker with matching teal ash catcher and downstem

(Milkyway Teal X-Morphic Beaker with Teal Universe Downstem, Teal Universe Wet Ash Catcher, and Teal Universe Slide Bowl)

 Milkyway Nuclear Reactor Collins Beaker with Nuclear Dry Ash Catcher and snapper bowl

(Milkyway Nuclear Reactor Collins Perc Beaker with Matching Nuclear Dry Ash Catcher and Nuclear Jumbo Snapper Slide Bowl Set)


Aside from epic dry herb flower tubes, Milkyway has also started to create some industry leading dab rig styles with supreme function. They have incyclers, recyclers with removable downstems, cup holders, side cars, bottle rigs, cones and more! All their rigs also take on the same styles of sandblasting that the bongs have so you can collect an entire family of glass to meet your dry herb and concentrate needs!


These guys are seriously hitting the ground running in the upcoming years with even more complex styles, colors, and functions. They have recently come out with a newer line of glass that offers even more affordable prices called Wormhole. Just like Milkyway, the glass is extremely thick and durable with impressive functions. However, instead of sandblasting which tends to drive the price up, Wormhole features mind-blowing vinyl graphics and images to give you the same fantastic aesthetics and graphics all at prices of $120 and less.


As you can see, the Multiverse brand creates some of the cleanest and most sophisticated functional art in the game today. Everything is specifically tailored to give the customer a unique experience where the possibilities are endless! Check out our Milkyway and Wormhole Brand pages to start building your setup today!


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