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As this industry continues to grow it can become difficult to choose a brand of bong that you can trust to provide smooth clean hits and be a high enough quality to last through years of smoke seshes. No one wants to purchase a bong thinking they saved money and end up with a harsh hitting cheap fragile water pipe. In this bong buyer’s guide, we will be covering production companies that have earned their customer’s loyalty through years of perfecting their pieces. We will discuss the best affordable production lines and dive into some of the high-end companies that bring functional art to the everyday consumer. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a veteran of the game we hope this guide can be helpful in choosing your next piece! If you would like to know more about the percs these bongs contain you can check out our blog on percs.



Leisure Glass:

Leisure Glass - Fumed 14mm Brickstack Incycler

Leisure Glass is hands down one of the best functioning rigs on the market. Luke Wilson created the company over a decade ago and is still pumping out the smoothest pieces you will ever hit. Leisure creates their masterpieces in southern California with a focus on clean cut percs and smooth flavorful hits. The portable size of their pieces allows them to be used as either a bong or a dab rig depending on your preference. With a wide range of percs like the brickstack or the pillar you are sure to find the hit of your dreams. They also specialize in fuming and unique color combinations to create a truly one of a kind piece.

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Price Range: $199.99 - $1,100


Crystal Glass:

Crystal Glass Fixed Beaker Triple Matrix Diffuser

Crystal glass is a newer brand that has taken the industry by storm. They offer quality bongs and dab rigs at a fraction of the price of their competitors. When a new design hits the market Crystal Glass is the first one to make an affordable option that still meets our level of quality control. Their ability to bring together the art this industry is so good at creating with production pieces at an affordable price is unmatched. They are able to blend wig wags into their percs and create a phenomenal function all while looking out for your wallet. 


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Price Range: $60 - $180



ROOR Tech Fixed Beaker Black and Tangie

ROOR is one of the most recognizable names in the bong industry. They have been around for over two decades and were created by a legend in Germany by the name of Martin Birzle. ROOR was one of the first bong companies to use borosilicate glass which is now a well recognizable glass for its abilities to withstand large amounts of heat and impact without breaking. Their pieces are now made out of 50mm x 5mm German Duran Schott glass which is why their bongs are one of the thickest and most beautiful on the market. Just having one of their most basic pieces can make you the envy of your friends but they have developed a new line called ROOR Tech. Same classic style but now with barrel percs, tree percs, and inlines. If you are looking for the highest quality production bong and don’t mind paying what its worth than ROOR is perfect for you.

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Price Range: $250 - $1,000


Bougie Glass:

Bougie Glass Beaker With Maria Stacks

Bougie Glass did a great job picking their name because their water pipes will have you feeling affluent without spending big money. The designs are always unique and well thought out. They specialize in adding a splash of color to accent their beautiful pieces while making sure the stunning function can be seen through the clear sections. Variety is the name of the game with Bougie Glass. They are constantly innovating and designing new pieces, so you never get bored. Whether you are looking for a beaker or a straight tube they have a wide assortment of bongs that will be sure to deliver exceptional hits while looking great doing it. 

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Price Range: $50 - $160


Mav Glass:

Mav Glass Full Color Beaker Bong

Mav Glass is short for Maverick Glass which describes this company perfectly. They are based out of California and produce some of the most affordable American made glass out there. They work with other artist in Cali to bring gorgeous collaboration projects to the market and are way ahead of the game on recyclers. The designs of this company are different than what your standard bong company is working on. They work on projects like their “Mucci” bong series which is their take on Gucci’s design and their flower of life mandala series. Very unique and always innovating Mav Glass is a must have American brand.

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Price Range: $115 - $400


Tsunami Glass:

Tsunami Glass Microscope Quadruple Rocket Bong

Tsunami Glass is the best import brand in the industry by far. Glass from over seas was subpar for quite awhile until Tsunami Premium Vapor decided to change that. They used their facilities over seas that were producing their vape product to establish a glass blowing studio where people could be taught how to create quality bongs at a fraction of the cost. That is why they are able to product such intricate and unique percs and still maintain a low price point. With one of the strictest quality control levels they are able to produce high level percs like the jellyfish perc or the turbine perc that can transform your water into a hurricane! If you are looking to get a big bang for your buck Tsunami Glass is perfect for you. 

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Price Range: $53.99 - $224.99


Envy Glass Designs:

Envy Glass Terminus Bong

Envy Glass Designs is the most unique American company in the industry by far. They created the electroplated bongs and dab rigs that can not be found anywhere else. The technique allows them to use oxidized and non-oxidized copper to seal in precious stones and fossils to their bongs and dab rigs. The result is a spectacular piece that shows the true meaning of functional art. They also produce some of the most beautiful wig wag blended pieces that really display the level of artists they have in the company. 

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Price Range: $34 - $2,800


Dreamlab Glass:

DreamLab Glass - "Gemini Vortex" Graal Tech Xenocycler

Dreamlab Glass is the production heady company out of Colorado created by the world famous glass artist Joe Peters and his brother Dave Peters. Their goal is to create heady artistic pieces that stem from several repeatable production designs such as the Xenocycler and Spartan Tubes. Joe Peters is the greatest glass figurine sculptor in the industry and has put his genius to work at Dreamlab. The company has done an amazing job at bringing one of a kind art to a lower price point so that more people can enjoy something truly special. 

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Price Range: $300 - $5,000


Subliminal Glass:

Subliminal Glass - Fully Worked Wig-Wag Coil

Subliminal Glass is the next big company to product one of a kind quality with insane designs. They are a group of extremely talented artists in Washington lead by Patrick McDougall that constantly push to design something never seen before. They became famous after selling glass gun replica pipes and one of a kind glycerin coil bongs. The level of intricacy and design these artists are able to achieve is unmatched by any other company. They even designed an ash catcher that prevents water from ever getting into the next chamber which keeps the whole piece clean and the hits fresh.

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Price Range: $249.99 - $80,000


Glowfly Glass:

Glowfly Glass Stemless Honeycomb Diffuser And Tree Arm Percs - Straight Tube

Glowfly Glass is a production company that knows what their customers like. They offer different options to their production pieces like having a bent neck or twist ice catchers. They excel at producing the styles that have been around forever and making them still seem fresh. Based out of Arizona they bring great functioning scientific glass to the market at amazing prices. Their selection of percs is wide ranging and the customizations are limitless. 


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Price Range: $95 - $185


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If you are looking to purchase your first piece or add to your collection than the brands listed here are a great place to start. They each have their own specializations and price points, but this list is broad enough to cover any shoppers needs. Every company here made the list because of their dedication to quality and function. Don’t get caught buying a questionable bong and end up regretting it later! As always, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at High Roller Smoke if we can help in any way. Give us a call at 720-465-9690 or use our contact page today!


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