Vaprwear Classic Full-Zip Hoodie - Charcoal


If you're looking for a discreet, new-age way of vaping then look no further. Made by Vaprwear, these hoodies feature the ultimate inconspicuous style of smoking on the market! The full-zip ranks atop the best sellers for it's full concealment of the Drawstring™. Whether you're working, hiking, or just relaxing at home, Vaprwear is perfect for any environment! The 100% cotton, brushed back terry gets softer over time, the soft hood liner is comfortable and warm and the weight is just right from Fall through Spring.

The Vaprwear patented Drawstring™ vapor delivery system is compatible with virtually every vape cartridge, e-cigarette and now, many closed pod systems like JUUL®, Pax Era®, blu® and others. Their integrated design keeps the mouthpiece within reach, and the pen hidden and protected to prevent loss or damage.

How it works: Simply hook a standard vape pen up to one of the ends of the drawstring in the hood. Then hide your pen in the one of the secret pockets on the hoodie and inhale from the opposite end of the drawstring. It's as easy as that! 

Check out our Vaprwear pens, accessories, and backpacks as well. They great gifts for the smoker in your life!


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