Tattoo Glass - Monster Head Diffuser Rig (11")

Lookah Glass

From the makers of Lookah Glass, the luxury brand Tattoo Glass brings a whole new style of art and design to the industry. With wild and crazy figurines that act as parts of the rigs, Tattoo Glass surely emphasizes the accents. This water pipe features a monster's head as the percolator, with two diffusion holes to filter the water through. The diffuser tubing actually incorporates a technically difficult action of running the tubing through the inside of the rig and having it wrap behind the piece externally before entering back into the water. Comes with a flower bowl. Be sure to check out our bangers to upgrade for dabbing!


  • Monster Head Diffuser
  • 2-hole Perc
  • Bent Neck
  • Colored Accents
  • Drip Catch
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Flower Bowl
  • Flat Top Base
  • 11" Height

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