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So you hate lugging around an external torch to heat your banger, and you also can't stand the minimal output provided from e-nails. What do you do? The answer is The RiO. Featuring a psychedelic 3-D printed resin-drip housing unit, The RiO keeps your torch, banger, and water pipe attachment all in the same compact place. Gone are the days of you having to carry around your torch AND rig setup. Now you can do both in a much more portable size! Comes as a full kit.

The RiO by Stache Products is a huge step into the future of dabbing.


  • Resin Drip 3-D Printed Base Unit
  • Clear Glass Water Pipe Attachment
  • 3-Slit Diffuser
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Flat Top 90 Degree Banger
  • Torch Included
  • Clear Carb Cap
  • Dab Tool

** Each product is uniquely made so colors, patterns, or banger may differ from the photos provided.


This is the first edition and will no longer be made.

Click here for the MakeOver edition!


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