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Source Vapes has entered the portable E-Nail market with a very unique electronic rig. They added a time selection feature which allows you to choose a 30 second, 60 second, and 90 second sesh time. One of the most impressive things they added to the unit is the removable reclaim catcher to make the cleaning and maintenance that much easier. This affordable option comes with a great warranty so you can be confident in your purchase. Any other questions feel free to reach out on our contact us page.


Product specs:

6.6 inches tall

75mm glass base

15mm bucket insert


Standard Kit Includes:

1x Versa body with black glass

1x Titanium bucket

1x Ceramic bucket

1x Bubble Carb Cap

1x Atomizer

1x USB-C charging cable

1x Travel case

1x Slick container

1x Concentrate tool

2x Extra Heat Plates


Manufacture's Warranty Info:

3 year warranty on Versa body

6 month warranty on atomizer


We offer FREE shipping to anywhere in the continental United States on orders over $50. We offer paid shipping to Alaska & Hawaii.

Please view our Refunds & Returns policy at the bottom of the page for further information before completing a purchase.

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