Long Island Quartz Beveled Edge Etched Banger - HRS Rocky Mountains

Long Island Quartz

Long Island Quartz is hands down one of the best luxury banger nail lines in the industry. They excel at pinpoint precision of function and etching. Their super deep bucket features 3mm thick quartz walls and a beveled edge. These banger nails are amazing at compatibility with bubble caps, cleanliness, and heat retention. The hand-etched walls create beautiful unique patterns and styles that make any piece stand out. Every banger comes in its own glass case with an etched wooden holder. This design is a collaboration between High Roller Smoke and Long Island Quartz that can only be found here. It highlights the beautiful Rocky Mountains that we call home.


  • HRS Rocky Mountain Styled Etching 
  • Beveled Edge
  • 90' Male
  • Deep Bucket
  • 3mm Thick Walls
$190.00 $189.99

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