Leisure Glass - Clear 14mm Pillar Incycler (8")

Leisure Glass

Luke Wilson's legendary rig work just only gets better with time as he continues to push the envelope forward in the glass game! On top of the well-known slit-diffuser that most Leisure's have, this ridiculous incycler has a series of pillar-shaped tubing columns that act as a secondary diffuser for your dabs. The beauty of these rigs rests in the cycler that allows for hard pulls from the user without unwanted splash. Comes with standard flat top banger.


  • Pillar Percs
  • Incycling Function
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Flat Top Banger (24mm Wide)
  • 8" Height
  • Made in USA

See it in action:

Watch the function video here!

Please Note: These rigs are handmade in USA and therefore, color or shape may vary slightly from the photo.


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