Joel Halen - Dab Devil Bottom Feed Banger Set

Joel Halen

The latest innovation by Joel Halen -- the Joel Halen Bottom Feed Dab Devil Banger Set! For the perfect hit: heat up bottom middle of Banger to your preferred temperature preference (480~520 degrees F is what we recommend.) Insert the bullet (taper side down) or pearl into banger, lay your product around the dish in a circular motion, top the banger with the cap, and hit it! Watch how you get the most out of your product with every hit! The heat retained within the quartz & bullet/pearl, along with the phenomenal spin/blender function creates for the best, most bountiful experience. 

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  • Bottom Fed Blender/Slurp Style Banger
  • Halen Quartz Bullet Insert
  • Halen Quartz Dab Pearl (1)
  • Halen Quartz Cap
  • Comes in 10mm or 14mm Options
  • 90 Degrees
  • Made in Colorado, USA

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