Hubbard Glass - Wig Wag Worked Ball Rig With Faceted Encased Opal (7")

Hubbard Glass

These brand new "Hubbduction" rigs are crafted by skilled glass artist Chris Hubbard, aka Hubbard Glass. This 2nd generation of ball rigs have a new wigwag style ball perc, larger opals in the faceted gems, fire millies, and 0.8mm thickness. As quoted by Hubbard, "all wigwag ball perks have a 45 degree cut in the ball so the water makes for a rolling wave type action inside the can!" Beautiful, smooth function! Each rig comes with a fully faceted opal, millies, color drop dots, and built-in splash guard. Bent neck, circular faceted mouthpiece. Clear color used on mouthpiece, color drop dots, and outline of thick base. 

Zoom in for wigwag details and faceted opal gem!

Be sure to check out our Bangers selection for a dabbing upgrade. 

Comes with complimentary flat top quartz banger 14mm. 


  • Encased Opal
  • Faceted Gem
  • Wig Wag Milli
  • 90 Degree Joint
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Wig Wag Ball Perc
$450.00 $199.99

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