High Five - High5 LCD E-Nail Quartz Ebanger Complete Kit

High Five

High Five Vapes is taking us into the future with their all new LCD E-Nail coming complete with a quartz banger and bubble cap. A large quartz bucket sits atop a quick-heating coil, and is all connected to a High Five electronic battery box that's fully equipped with an LCD display. The screen on the e-nail will show current temperature as well as desired temperature to give the user more precision and a wider range of dabbing capabilities. Comes with a HIGH FIVE Coil Stand, and is available in multiple color design wraps. Base color comes in either black or gold.


  • High Five E-Nail Battery Box
  • LCD Display
  • 25mm Heating Coil, Cord, and Security Pin
  • 25mm Quartz Bucket - 14mm Male
  • Glass Bubble Cap
  • Power Supply Cord
  • High Five Coil Stand
$220.00 $199.99

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