High 5 Vape Duo Smart E Rig

High Five

High Five has brought their years of experience in the vape industry into the newest electronic rig design. The High5 Duo has passed the strictest testing of any E-rig on the market providing a high quality unit with the backing of a company with a proven history of customer centric care. It works with both the Focus V Carta glass tops and the Puffco Peak glass tops. The Duo contains a massive upgrade to the battery which boasts double the power of the Puffco and Quadruple the power of the Carta. One of the most amazing advancements this unit provides is the newly designed airflow that reduces messy build up in the base.


  • Magnetic Carb Cap
  • Pass Thru Charging
  • Huge 16mm Bowl/Dish Size
  • High Quality Build, Weight & Feel
  • About 7" Tall (similar size to the Peak)
  • Customize Light Color Under Glass & Base
  • Extremely Ergonomic Easily Held w/One Hand
  • Advanced, Durable & Reliable Atomizer Design
  • Compatible with BOTH Peak and Carta Mouthpieces
  • Wide Base for Stability While Still Fitting in Your Palm
  • Dish/Bowl is Self Seating For Easy Insertion/Removal
  • LCD Display w/Adjustable Temperature, Session Timer, Light Colors
  • Entire Airway Path is Medical Grade Stainless Steel & Removable for Easy Cleaning
  • Temperature on the display is actual temperature of the bowl not heating element as advertised by other companies
  • Double the Battery Power of the Puffco Peak and Quadruple the Battery Power of the Carta
  • Airflow is Pulled from the Top of the Bowl/Dish not Through the Atomizer like the Carta/Peak. Avoid spillage, sticky components, residue buildup, atomizer failure and internals being exposed to residue

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