Heilig Art - "Geode Crystal 7C" Signed and Numbered Photo Print

Heilig Art

Nationally famous and part of the Denver art scene, Heilig Art creates some of the most mesmerizing and psychedelic performance paintings in the world. Specializing in live-painting for music shows and festivals, he perfectly captures the essence of inspirational counter-culture art! His original paintings generate proceeds for various causes and charities, and are then turned into prints for everyone's enjoyment!

*Print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist and is an exclusive collector's items.

*Signed Prints are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Please note: Print may have a small white border around the image to assist in framing.

Words from the Artist:

"Heilig is an ever-evolving, hyper-traveling, performance painting interdimensional being creating life size illustrations that are launched and completed before the eyes of the audience. He carries the crowd through a set, synthesizing the sounds of music into shapes that mark the fleeting moment of the experience. Each performance yields to both surrender and control, revealing an intimate dance of planned line work with free flowing drips and spontaneous splashes. His style pays homage to the genius of nature's gentle design while also echoing the electric, concrete jungle style of urban artists."

"The images are created live, under the influence of auditory stimuli. By purchasing the print, you bring yourself one step closer to eternal happiness. The artist can not be held responsible for any visual mayhem viewing may unleash upon the viewer's cornea." 


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