EYCE Silicon Bong and Bowl Combo


Eyce has made it easier for everyone! These pipes are made of silicon to prevent unwanted breaking. Now featuring glass bowls and downstems to preserve the taste, the rest of the piece is entirely silicon. This allows for pliability of the pipe as well as even easier cleaning solutions. These pipes are perfect for traveling, hiking, and any other on-the-go smoking that needs to be done. The bongs actually feature a hidden compartment on the bottom to allow for stashing and carrying of extra accessories, material, or lighters. The hand pipes come with a glass bowl and a poker/packer on the bottom. Now offered in a combo deal exclusively through High Roller Smoke!

Kit Includes:

  • Eyce Silicon Bong (12" Height)
  • Glass Bowl and Downstem
  • Hidden Stash Compartment Underneath Bong
  • Eyce Hand Pipe with Poker/Packer (4" Length)

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