Envy Glass - Terminus (11")


Straight from the artistic valley of Riverside, California comes Envy Glass Designs and their gorgeous style of glass blowing that incorporates elements and artifacts with healing properties and energy amplifiers! As if that wasn't enough, Envy also uses pristine scientific glass as a foundation for these pipes to give you filtration for a smoother hit!  Taking weeks to create, each one of these hand-made functioning pieces of art is direct from the museum to your hands! 

If you're hesitant about it getting dirty, there's no need to fret! Envy uses fully enclosed glass rigs making the cleaning process easy and worry-free. Any one of our cleaners will do the trick in minutes, no problem! 

This flower bong features electroformed copper that is completely covered in amethyst crystals. The back of the piece has a massive one-of-a-kind Amethyst Geode.

Features (Healing Properties):

  • Showerhead Percolation Diffuser
  • Electroformed Copper (Improves Blood Circulation, Increases Energy)
  • Amethyst Stones (Balances Shakras, Alines Nervous System, Improves Sleep)
  • Amethyst Clusters (Cuts Through Illusions, Enhances Mental Abilities)
  • Amethyst Geode (Assists Meditation for Stability, Peace, and Strength)
  • 18mm Matching Male Bowl
  • Dimensions: 12" H x 8" W

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