DreamLab Glass CFL Hemisphere - Shadow Vision Murrine (6.5")

DreamLab Glass

Winning multiple glass art awards for design, innovation, and function, DreamLab Glass is in a league of their own. This Hemisphere design is so rightfully named, as it features a duality of hemispheres that surround the internal "Shadow Vision" murrine marble, and act as the separation that allows the recycling function to take place. The function features a powerful two-hole diffuser that chops water upward into the uptake valve and across the top hemisphere before cycling back through the drain. The angled neck and shape acts as a splash guard ensuring the water stays in the rig. 

Where this piece becomes a step above the rest has to do with the technical expertise in the murrine pull that is displayed within the marble as well as the rig's coloring that changes under different exposures of compound fluorescent lighting.  The marble consists of a black and white hexagonal tessellation that is challenging to keep consistent during the pull, and the green coloring on the neck, joint, and hemispheres will change to purple under different CFL lights.

Comes with standard quartz banger.


  • DL Hemisphere Recycler Design
  • CFL Green to Purple Coloring
  • Shadow Vision Murrine Marble
  • 2-Hole Diffuser
  • 10mm Female Joint
  • 10mm Male Banger
  • 6.5" Height
  • Maria Mouthpiece
  • DreamLab Etched Logo on Bottom
  • Made in Colorado, USA

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