DCS Quartz 25mm Bucket 90 Degree Male Bangers

DCS Quartz

DCS Quartz bangers are premium high-grade American quartz buckets that feature pristine craftsmanship and excellent function. Dale Sommers makes sure he and his crew include all the little things that make for a high quality banger. You'll notice a slightly longer neck/stem than most nails to completely prevent any torch contact with your glass rig. A beveled edge allows for both spinner caps and bubble caps to be utilized. The thicker bottom produces fantastic heat retention, and comes etched with the DCS Quartz logo.

Clean. Simple. Ideal. Another perfect starter banger for anyone looking to take the leap from import, and really upgrade their dabbing.


  • 25mm Diameter Bucket
  • Beveled Edge
  • Longer Stem
  • Thick Bottom
  • Heady Quartz
  • Comes in 10mm or 14mm Male Sizes
  • Made in USA
$140.00 $134.99

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