Avant-Garde Glass - Prototype Color Accented Outside Incycler (10")

Avant-Garde Glass

Avant-Garde Glass is one of the most impressive glass artists in the industry and focuses on precision and quality in every piece. They are best known for their percs that are actually built into the walls of the piece. This unique style combines function and art to eliminate internal and external tubing creating a more beautiful and sturdy piece. The smoke travels through the walls percolating into the lower chamber before being pulled back into the walls of the uptake. This feature creates a cyclical pattern as the smoke travels 360 degrees around the water pipe. The artist wanted this design to represent the how our perception of time is linear and finite but in actuality it is circular and unending. This particular piece is the first ever color accented outside incycler he has ever produced. Every Avant-Garde Glass piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and hard protective case.


  • Built In Wall Percolation
  • Color Accented Glass
  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Drip Catch
  • Bent Neck
  • Standard 14mm Male Banger

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