Channel Caps Double Sided 48mm Quartz Coin by Change Glassworks x Dnail

Channel Caps

Dnail is one of the original E-nail companies and now they have collaborated with Change Glassworks to evolve the spinner cap game forever! Their flat disk design is taking over the dabbing world because of their style and phenomenal function. The coin works to spin either the concentrate or terp pearls using specially designed cuts that work together to create a type of cyclone. This cyclone helps move the dab and spreads out heat to get more out of every hit. The 48mm Quartz design is the largest of the coins and fits most every banger. There are several styles of cuts that create their own effects but all create a very similar function. There is also an option for the flower of life artistic design. The design does not create air movement but does add a beautiful esthetic to the coin. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our contact page.

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