Channel Caps Double Sided 35mm Quartz Coin by Change Glassworks x Dnail

Channel Caps

Change Glassworks has teamed up with one of the first prominent E-Nail companies Dnail to create something truly unique. Channel Caps are the newest way to constrict and control airflow moving through your banger. The coin design uses small precise cuts that force airflow to swirl in the banger. This allows for terp pearls to get the momentum needed to spin through the concentrate. The 35mm Quartz design is a perfect fit for your standard 24mm banger and fits well in your pocket. There are multiple styles of cuts each with their own benefits but all produce the same spinning results. There is also an option for the flower of life artistic design. The design does not create air movement but does add a beautiful esthetic to the coin. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our contact page.  


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